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Orthopedic Pet Air Bed

Orthopedic Pet Air Bed

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Experience plush comfort with our adjustable inflatable bed. 

It combines foam and air for even weight distribution, relieving pressure. Customize firmness for the perfect snooze setting.


Orthopedic Adjustable Comfort: Dive into cutting-edge plush comfort. This innovative inflatable bed combines the comfort of foam and air to distribute your pet's weight evenly, relieving body pressure and creating a haven of softness and support. Plus, it's fully adjustable—pump it up for firmer support or let a little air out for extra softness, letting you fine-tune the perfect snooze setting for your pet.

Adventure Ready: Whether chilling in the living room or exploring the great outdoors, this bed's got your pet covered. This dog bed is self-inflatable (bye-bye, extra pumps!) and super light, making it a breeze to pack and perfect for any adventure. Roll it up, tuck it into its dual-purpose carry bag, and you're set. The all-around waterproof design and valve closure (no zippers needed) can handle the elements, so your pet stays comfy, come rain or shine.

Built Tough: Made from thick 600D Oxford fabric compounded with PVC, we designed this air mattress to withstand rough terrain and last through all your adventures together. Even if it gets snagged or somehow torn, the integrated foam keeps things comfy, ensuring long-lasting use no matter what life (or your pet) throws at it.

Repels Pet Hair and Easy to Clean: Say goodbye to fur frustrations! The Oxford fabric of this bed repels pet hair, making cleanup a breeze. Spills? No problem. It’s water-resistant, so a damp cloth is all you need for a quick wipe down. Plus, its fold-and-roll design with an included carry bag makes storage effortless.

Adaptability Meets Longevity: This bed is a commitment to your pet's comfort and your convenience. It's designed to endure, adapt to your pet's comfort needs, and simplify your life with easy maintenance and storage solutions. Ideal for both young pups and older dogs, it keeps their resting space clean, comfortable, and always ready.


Size M: 30" L x 20" x 3" H

Size L: 36" L x 27" W x 3" H

Size XL: 41" L x 29" W x 3" H

Size XXL: 48" L x 29" W x 3" H

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