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Lesure Pet

Faux Fur Burrow Bed

Faux Fur Burrow Bed

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Designed for snugglers and burrowers, our bed provides a relaxing, cozy, safe, and easy-to-clean haven.

The premium pet-safe materials and ergonomic design will keep your pet blissfully comfortable.


Dreamy Comfort for Every Snooze: Treat your pet to unparalleled comfort with Lesure's Faux Fur Burrow Bed. Expertly crafted with a 2:1 ratio of chopped foam to polyester fiber, this bed is the perfect blend of support and softness. Ideal for pets of all life stages, it offers a snuggly spot that's as easy to clean as it is cozy!

Safety Meets Sustainability: Rest easy knowing your pet's health and the environment are cared for. Our bed features OEKO-TEX certified materials and responsibly sourced recycled chopped foam, ensuring a safe, non-toxic sleep space. It's not just comfortable - it's conscientiously comfortable.

A Burrower's Paradise: Whether your cat or dog loves to sleep on top of blankets or burrow beneath them, our unique burrow-friendly design caters to their natural habits. It's an ideal retreat for pets who enjoy digging or curling up under the covers, providing a secure, cozy haven for every nap.

Stays Put, Sleeps Safe: No more slipping and sliding! The non-slip bottom of our Faux Fur Burrow Bed ensures it stays in place, offering your pet a secure, stable spot to relax and feel safe.

Hassle-Free Cleaning: Life's messy, but cleaning your pet's bed doesn't have to be. The zippered cover of our Faux Fur Burrow Bed is a breeze to remove, machine wash, and tumble dry, making deep cleaning as simple as sleep, wash, repeat!


Size XS: 20" L x 20" W x 7" H
Size S: 23" L x 23" W x 8" H
Size M: 26" L x 26" W x 8" H

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