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Lesure Pet

2-in-1 Cat Scratching Post

2-in-1 Cat Scratching Post

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A Cat Palace: Scratch, Stretch, and Snooze in Style!

We designed this durable, cat scratching post with a plush bed to combine style and functionality. Perfect for multi-cat homes.


2-in-1 Fun: Dive into the ultimate cat palace with our 2-in-1 Scratching Post—their new favorite hangout spot, designed for scratching, stretching, and snoozing! It comes with a detachable, plush bed on top, perfect for catnaps or a secluded lounge session. Ideal for claws and paws and of all sizes, from hefty furballs to multi-cat households of mischief-makers.

Rock Solid Stability: Bid farewell to the wobbly worries of lesser posts. Lesure's unique design ensures your cat's safety and fun go hand in hand. Our setup is as sturdy as they come, featuring a wide, heavyweight, premium wood base and dual posts for extra support. It's a secure zone for cats, wrapped in eco-friendly sisal and featuring a premium certified P2 MDF board.

Built to Last: Tougher than the tough, our scratcher uses sturdy sisal twine to withstand all the clawing your little tiger can muster. The thick wood base ensures it's durable and a stylish addition to your space. We guarantee it's ready for action, making this a worthy investment for endless fun.

Adorable and Easy to Assemble: Who knew functionality could look this cute? Available in unique animal designs—be it a rabbit, cow, or pig—and equipped with dangling toys, it's a scratcher that beckons endless play. Put it together in a jiffy and watch it bring a whimsical yet chic touch to your decor. It's not just cat furniture; it's a conversation starter and a purr-fect gift for your furry friend and home.

Protect Your Furniture: Say goodbye to the days of upholstery despair and hello to guilt-free scratching. Our post invites your cat to embrace their natural scratching instincts, safeguarding your furniture from future claw capers. It's a win-win: your cat can stretch, scratch, and relieve stress, all while your furniture stays impeccable and claw-mark free.


22" L x 18" W x 22.8" H

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