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Lesure Pet

Waterproof Calming Pet Blanket

Waterproof Calming Pet Blanket

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Ultra-soft and warm with a waterproof layer to handle the unexpected, while chic Cloud, Flower, or Checkerboard patterns elevate your space.

Protect furniture, enjoy easy clean-ups, and ensure cozy adventures wherever you go with this all-in-one pet essential.


Cuddle-Ready Comfort: One up your snuggle game with Lesure's waterproof blanket! The feel of soothing Sherpa on one side and an extra plush Jacquard shag on the flip side promises your furry friend's ultimate warmth and coziness. Light as a feather, this blanket shields your beloved pets from the chill and damp, keeping them toasty and comfy.

Waterproof: Say goodbye to worries about little accidents. Our waterproof dog blanket's inner lining ensures no spills or dribbles seep through to the other side, keeping your pet (and furniture) dry and clean. Tailor-made for dogs, cats, and kittens, it's perfect for indoors and outdoors, ensuring your pet's comfort everywhere.

A Statement Piece: More than just a dog or cat blanket, it's a fashion moment. With a 3D textured Cloud, Flower, or Checkerboard pattern, our couch-covering wonder adds a sprinkle of charm to your home decor. Plus, the dual-sided design offers two different textures and vibes to transform your living space into a trendy pet-friendly sanctuary.

All-Purpose Protection: Keep your furniture and belongings safe from those cute but destructive little paws. Our reversible dog blanket keeps your pet snug while shielding your couch, bed, and precious items from chewing, spills, scratching, and shedding. With its sturdy edge stitching, this blanket is as durable as it is versatile—an absolute win for pet owners wanting to keep their homes pristine and their pets pampered.

Simple to Clean & Portable: Messy pets? No worries. Our blanket only needs a machine wash in cold water and a low-temp dry. And when it's adventure time, the lightweight design lets you carry comfort with you - whether you're hitting the beach, camping, or bunking down in a hotel.


Size S: 35" L x 25" W

Size M: 40" L x 30" W

Size L: 50" L x 40" W

Size XL: 60" L x 50" W

Size Twin: 80" L x 60" W

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