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Lesure Pet

Cooling Pet Blanket

Cooling Pet Blanket

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Dive into comfort! Lesure's Blanket cools, comforts & protects.

A stylish, durable haven for pets, it's the cozy, chic shield your home deserves.


Advanced Cooling Comfort: Keep your furry friends cool and comfortable! Our Lesure Cooling Pet Blanket features a unique blend of 80% Nylon and 20% cutting-edge Cool Technology PE Fabric. With a superior cool sensing value of over 0.4 (twice the standard!), this blanket swiftly absorbs body heat, ensuring your pet stays cool and relaxed during hot summer days.

Ultimate Protection for Your Home: Love your pet but want to protect your furniture? Our all-purpose pet blanket is your solution! It's perfect for your couch or bed, safeguarding against chewing, scratches, and shedding. The robust edge stitching offers exceptional durability, making it a must-have for keeping your home pristine while giving your pet a cozy spot to snuggle.

Chic Home Decor Addition: More than a pet blanket, it's a style statement! The elegant Cloud pattern design not only comforts your pet but also enhances your home décor. Ideal for gifting, it’s a thoughtful present for your pet or their friends on special occasions.

Softness Meets Strength: Experience the ultimate blend of softness and durability. Our pet blanket, made from scratch-resistant nylon, retains its shape and strength even after extensive use. It's like a comforting embrace for your pet, offering warmth and care they'll adore.

Versatile Comfort & Easy Care: Ideal for every furry member of your family, this blanket is perfect for pets of all ages and types, from puppies to bunnies. Its cozy filling offers a heavier, more comforting experience. Plus, upkeep is a breeze! While not waterproof, our plush pet blanket is effortlessly cleanable - just machine wash and tumble dry on low heat. It's the perfect blend of convenience and comfort for busy pet owners and their beloved companions.


Size S: 35" L x 25" W

Size M: 40" L x 30" W

Size L: 50" L x 40" W

Size XL: 60" L x 50" W

Size Twin: 80" L x 60" W

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